Keeping Your Home In Check While You’re Away!

We are one of the Phoenix West Valley’s premier home watch service companies. We keep your home in check while you are away.

Home watch is defined as “A visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues”

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What We Do For You

Walk through the interior and exterior of you home

Home Check One walks through your home to check for anything unusual or out of the ordinary. Including water leaks, (eliminating extreme increase in water bills) appliance malfunctions, check thermostat, windows checked, sprinkler leaks or broken sprinkler heads, pick up newspapers and flyers, and make sure gates remain secured. Flush toilets to prevent calcium build up.

Start and Move Your Vehicle

We check your vehicle, start, and move it, preventing brakes from locking. We suggest a trickle charger for prevention of the battery going dead. The move also repositions the tires.

Storm or Emergency Checks

We visually check the roof, the landscaping, and the inside of your home for damage, if there is damage we will contact you and email a photo of the problem to you.

If you are interested in joining us for Arizona’s premier association for home watch companies please contact us at or by phone at 623.606.2081.

We are your complete Service Professionals while you are away!

  • Going Away?
  • Extended Vacation?
  • Winter Visitor?
  • Remodeling?
  • Building?
  • Hospital or Extended Care?

Our goal is that you can leave your home with peace of mind that your home will be as you left it when you return.

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