It is so important to have your home monitored while you are away.

Some problems that can and do occur are completely avoidable if someone is there to check on your most treasured asset, your home.

Flooding can be a disaster if left untreated for a week. If discovered damage can be minimal. Whether we like it or not disasters do happen, almost all to often. Many times the only thing preventing a home from being flooded is a thin plastic hose. Look behind your Refrigerator, under your sink, behind your washer, behind your toilet, and you will see how easy it can happen.

Flooding causes thousands of dollars in damage to floors, furniture, walls and most important your life, and can create problems with dangerous mold. Toilets overflow or leak, pipes break or leak. Appliances can break i.e.: a washer can leak or the plastic hose can burst under the many pounds of pressure, a refrigerator can leak especially if it has an ice maker.

If thermostats aren’t set appropriately water pipes can break, yes even in Arizona. Desert nights in the winter have caused many water lines to freeze. Summer problems are just as prevalent, porcelain tubs and sinks can crack and chip in the heat.

Left unattended your home could be a prime target to burglars. Opportunists take note to signs of absence. Papers, flyers, junkmail piling up could alert a burglar to your absence. Something so simple as your cars staying in the exact same place could do the same.

Problems that may occur while your home is unattended can include.:

  • Minor water leaks can cause big problems.
  • Power outages can reset thermostats and security systems.
  • Cars left unstarted could become mechanically unstable.

Don’t leave your large investments to chance!

For most people, their homes are their largest investments. Insurance will cover many incidents. More importantly the time lost from a single incident is something you cannot get back.

Our standard services include:

  • Random surveillance and observation
  • Walk through the interior and exterior of your home.
  • Vehicle re-arranging and start-up
  • Checking and securing windows
  • Checking appliances
  • Flushing toilets
  • Checking for water leaks
  • Monitoring utilities
  • Picking up papers, flyers, etc. from your driveways, walkway, and entries.
  • Setting your utilities for your anticipated return.
  • Emergency notifications if there is a problem.

Our custom services are as follows, however if you have a special request we will strive to meet your needs:

  • Watering plants
  • Checking humidifiers
  • Monitoring and providing progress reports on homes being built
  • Waiting for repair men
  • Picking up and delivering parcels
  • Providing progress reports with digital imagery
  • Providing after storm inspections
  • We have a service provider who is available to make repairs
  • Picking up mail